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Support Group Info & FAQs

Click here to register for the virtual NAMI Family Support Group (Tuesdays from 7-8:30 pm) 

Click here to register for the virtual NAMI Connections Support Group for Recovery (Wednesdays from 7-8:30 pm)

Click here to register for the virtual Support Group for Stress and Anxiety (Mondays from 6-7 pm) 

Virtual Support Groups: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a typical meeting like?
    • At the start of each group, our facilitators will go over the Agenda, Group Guidelines, Principles of Support and Confidentiality Statement. We will offer a quick check-in for you to share your first name (or any name you choose) and a current challenge or topic that you want to explore. Our facilitators may offer structure to the conversation depending on the nature of the group. However, for the most part, this support group offers an open and supportive place for sharing and discussion.
  • Will others be able to see me?
    • No one will be able to see you unless you choose to turn on your webcam by clicking the camera icon. We understand that people have different comfort levels and we respect participant’s anonymity. 
  • Who facilitates your support groups? 
    • NAMI support groups are peer-led. For our Family Support Groups, facilitators are adult family members with a loved one who has a mental health condition. For our Connections Support Groups, facilitators are adults in recovery with a mental health condition. Our facilitators go through extensive training provided by NAMI state or national trainers and receive ongoing support in their role.
  • Why are your support groups peer-led?
    • Peers know firsthand that the impact of mental illness, in yourself or in a loved one, is often huge and traumatic. We understand how difficult it can be to find quality information and resources when facing this challenge. As peers, we are uniquely qualified to support others as they cope, adjust, understand, and advocate for themselves or their loved ones.
  • What if I don’t feel like talking?
    • There is never any pressure to talk or share. At check-in, you can simply say your first name (or any name you choose) and indicate that you’re just here to listen today. 
  • What if I need help connecting to additional resources?
    • If you are in Wake County, check out the resources on this website for additional information. Additionally, for all NC residents, NAMI NC is here as a resource for you and we encourage you to reach out by phone or email. The NAMI NC website at provides contact information and links to crisis resources. The NAMI NC helpline is 1-800-451-9682 or via text to 919-999-9527.  Searching for another NAMI affiliate in your local community?  You can locate them by visiting: 
  • Will my participation be anonymous?
    • Absolutely! In support group meetings, we only use first names and there is no other identifying information shared. You have the option to type in whatever screen name you’d like to use in that meeting, so you can remain anonymous. Your registration details will be accessible which includes your name, email and the community you live in. You will also be asked to provide an Emergency Contact so we can reach out to someone close to you in the case of an emergency. The NAMI administrator will be able to see the Emergency Contact information that you provide, but no one else will be able to. Your Emergency Contact will need to verify their information prior to your participation in the support group. 
  • How is this a free service?
    • Cost should not be a barrier to receiving support and information to help you or a loved one. NAMI is a nonprofit organization and it does take money and resources to make this program possible. If you are interested and able, we would be grateful for your contributions– donations can be made online.  You could also support our organization and mental health awareness by participating in NAMIWalks North Carolina.  The NAMI Wake County team is Team Awake and NAMI NC has set up a Virtual Team called the V-Team.  More information is available at  

Our virtual support groups are supported by Duke’s employee giving campaign. Learn more at


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