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Hope is Here

Hope is Here is a new campaign launched this year that aims to feature the stories of hope we have found in the past tumultuous year. Each week, we will share the story of someone who has taken steps in making our community a better place. The small acts that ordinary people do that make a big difference in our community and offer us all slivers of hope for a better tomorrow.

At the core, this campaign is about sharing the hope that can be found even in the darkest of times. The hope we find in our community every day. The hope from the people that support us and our mission. The hope we see in others’ stories of recovery. It is all around us and that is something that deserves to be celebrated and honored, especially during a time when it can be easy to forget the amazing things that happen each day. We will share a story each week on our social media with the hashtag: #HopeisHere and share each week’s story on this page. Follow along by reading more about each story of hope here!

Know someone who’s inspired you or offered hope to the community during this time? You can nominate them for a feature by emailing

Week of: 1/4

Isha M.Isha M., Volunteer

Isha is a 2020 NAMI Wake volunteer who works on our weekly newsletters. She is currently a tenth grader at Enloe High School and has been a part of NAMI Wake for the past 3-4 months. She first came across NAMI while researching about the growing mental health epidemic in America. Isha’s consistent commitment to creating our newsletter each week has offered hope to our community through sharing resources and NAMI Wake updates and information to our nearly 7,000 newsletter subscribers.

We’re grateful to Isha for giving us hope in 2020 with her dedication to our mission and passion for helping others with her writing skills. From Isha- “I was so fortunate to have found NAMI Wake because I have learned so much about mental illnesses just by writing the newsletter. I am so excited to see what the rest of my journey with NAMI holds.”

Week of 1/11

Kim K., Board Member, Volunteer

Kim K.Kim is a NAMI Wake board members and volunteer. In 2020, she helped launch our new LGBT+ support group, a partnership with NAMI NC and the LGBT Center of Raleigh. Kim also became a facilitator for the group, which meets twice a month. Through her work in planning and leading our LGBT+ support group and helping us make it a reality, Kim has aided in expanding our resources to include specific communities needing mental health support. We’re grateful to her for giving us and our community hope with her dedication to inclusivity.

From Kim- “I got involved in NAMI Wake because I wanted to be part of providing education and outreach that I could have benefited from earlier when I was coming to terms with my mental health condition. By speaking about my own experiences, I hope to tear down the barriers and stigma around mental health, and help others find help, healing, and hope. I feel similarly about being open and visible about my bisexuality too. So, when I learned that NAMI Wake was going to be starting a LGBTQ+ support group, I knew I wanted to be part of that effort specifically. I want to help others as they navigate the intersections of their identities, and support NAMI Wake reach new members of our community.”

Week of 1/18

Chris T., Volunteer 

Chris T.Chris is a NAMI Wake volunteer who serves as a facilitator for our Stress Support Group that meets on Mondays each week. He has facilitated with us for over a year now. When the pandemic started in March of 2020 and our programming transitioned virtually, Chris was eager to continue to facilitate the group. In fact, his commitment is so unwavering that he has hosted our Virtual Stress Support Group every single Monday night since March of last year. We’re grateful to Chris for his support in our virtual transition and for giving his time to us and our community, offering hope that even in uncertain times– support is always available from our volunteers.

From Chris- “I am a Christian, and I believe that one of the things I’m called to do is serve…When COVID hit, NAMI had to adapt. They immediately decided on Zoom, and asked if I would continue to facilitate. I said, ‘Absolutely!'”



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