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Embracing the Community

NAMI Wake’s vision is creating a community where mental health is valued. Within this past year, we have grown our community. We’ve done this through serving more people and creating partnerships. We’ve worked to meet the growing need for mental health programming through free support groups, courses, and education programs so that everyone knows that they are not alone and that a life of hope and recovery is possible.

We can talk about the big picture and progress, but what is most important is the growth that we see in each person that we serve. Meet four individuals who have been impacted by our programs this year through reading their stories. See how each has grown from denial to understanding. From grief to acceptance, and from guilt to advocacy.

There are more than 200,000 people in Wake County living with a mental health condition. But you can create ripple effects by bringing programming to one individual. You can bring hope to families and communities by supporting NAMI Wake County as we continue to embrace the community.


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