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Me, Bipolar, and the Arts

June 17, 2020

Written by: Tonya J.  Williams, B.A., J.D.  Bipolar disorder is characterized by extremes in mood – highs that are called mania, and lows that are called depression.  Both require managing and treatment.  Many of us who live with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder manage it through medication, support from our families and friends, and psychotherapy. I have also personally found that the arts make coping with my bipolar disorder more more »

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Preventing Suicide Among LGBTQ Teens: A Two-Part Series (1/2)

June 5, 2020

Written by: Tonya J.  Williams, B.A., J.D.  Author’s Note: Suicide is a tragedy for anyone – adult or child.  While this article shines a spotlight on the vulnerabilities of LGBTQ youth, the content, for the most part, can be applied to any youth or adult. It is my hope that this article is merely a starting point for education regarding more »

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Stay Home, Stay Well: Creating a Suicide Safety Plan

May 22, 2020

Written by: Arielle Karoub Recently, I heard parents talking amongst each other about how they would explain a specific situation to their teenager. One of the parents asked if they should use the word suicide or phrase the conversation differently.   Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for young people aged 10-34. Children, teenagers, young adults—they know what is happening around them. They might not know more »

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Stay Home, Stay Well: Celebrating Women’s Health Week

May 10, 2020

Written by: Arielle Karoub Mother’s Day is upon us! Today also kicks off women’s health week (May 10th-16th), so let’s take this opportunity to remind women to make themselves and their health a priority. It’s never too early or too late to make conscious decisions about your health and start your health journey. When we can look at our health as a more »

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